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For the revised edition of this book, see What Happened at Midnight (revised text).

What Happened at Midnight
Ghostwriter Leslie McFarlane[1]
Outline Edna C. Stratemeyer[1]
Publication information
Publisher Grosset & Dunlap
Producer The Stratemeyer Syndicate
Publication date 1931
Media type Book (Hardcover)
Pages 213
Series The Hardy Boys
Preceded by The Great Airport Mystery
Followed by While the Clock Ticked


What Happened at Midnight is the tenth book in The Hardy Boys series. It was first published in 1931 by Grosset & Dunlap.

Publication history

  • 1931 - What Happened At Midnight, as written by Leslie McFarlane, first appears on the market with the Walter S. Rogers dustjacket cover art over the red hardcover edition, printed by Grosset & Dunlap.
  • 1946 - Second dustjacket cover, by an unknown artist, is released. It is unclear who the artist is because the cover is very dark and does not provide a lot of details. Some people believe that the artist was Paul Laune, but that has not been confirmed.
  • 1962 - What Happened At Midnight by Leslie McFarlane is reissued in the "new" Picture Cover format, with the 1946 cover art being used on the front of the book.
  • 1967 - What Happened At Midnight, as written by Leslie McFarlane, is discontinued and goes out of print.
  • April 2000 - What Happened At Midnight, as written by Leslie McFarlane, returns to print, after being out of print for 33 years. Applewood Books is the new publisher of What Happened At Midnight.
  • December 2006 - Applewood does not renew it's license to reprint the Original Text Hardy Boys books. As a result What Happened At Midnight is declared by Applewood as no longer being in print, and any remaining copies in stock will be sold off.

Plot summary

Publisher's synopsis:

Frank and Joe break up the Taffy Marr jewel smuggling ring.[2]

The story begins in Bayport's new Automat.


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  • Many people have mistakenly taken the yellow dot on the 1946 dustjacket and 1962 Picture Cover editions as a price sticker. The yellow dot is, infact, the moon.


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