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Edward Stratemeyer 002
Trouble in the Pipeline
House name Franklin W. Dixon
Cover artist Brian Kotzky
Publication information
Publisher Archway Paperbacks
Publication date April 1989
Media type Print (Paperbacks)
Pages 150
ISBN 0-671-64689-?
Series The Hardy Boys Casefiles
Preceded by The Borderline Case
Followed by Nowhere to Run
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"Kickbacks always fall into the wrong hands."
— Tagline, from the front cover

Trouble in the Pipeline is the 26th book in The Hardy Boys Casefiles series.

Plot summary

Frank and Joe fly to Alaska to trace Scott Sanders, who's supposed to be working on a top-secret project for a mining firm. When company officials claim they've never heard of Scott, the Hardys grow suspicious. They find that some company managers have been selling jobs on the oil pipeline. But before the brother detectives can dig deeper, they're kidnapped and forced to bail out over the arctic wilderness. Stranded, Frank and Joe face their toughest test -- fighting hunger, grizzly bears, and bullets to survive -- while at trail's end a group called the Assassins waits to give them their final exam.


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Businesses and organizations


  • Aleut
  • Athapaskan
  • Suicide pill

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