Together with the Hardy Boys
Together with the Hardy Boys cover
Publication information
Publisher Papercutz
Publication date 2011
Creative team
Writer Gerry Conway
Artist(s) Sho Murase
Series Nancy Drew The New Case Files
Preceded by Vampire Slayer Part Two

Together with the Hardy Boys is the third title in the Nancy Drew The New Case Files series and the first crossover between Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys in the graphic novel format. It will be published in Augest 2011 by Papercutz. The Hardy Boys The New Case Files writer Gerry Conway will write the story and Sho Murase will be on art duties.

Plot summary

For the first time in Papercutz graphic novels, the world-famous Girl Detective Nancy Drew must team up with Undercover Brothers Joe and Frank Hardy, The Hardy Boys, to solve a mystery together in Nancy’s hometown of River Heights. Someone has been behind the recent troubles in both Bayport and River Heights, as seen in previous volumes of the HARDY BOYS and NANCY DREW. But how can Nancy solve the mystery when Frank and Joe refuse to work with each other? An exciting first for fans of both the HARDY BOYS and NANCY DREW graphic novels.




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