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Thrill Ride

Second printing cover art.

House name Franklin W. Dixon
Cover artist Lisa Vega (design), Lester Lefkowitz/Corbis (photo)
Publication information
Publisher Aladdin Paperbacks
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 154
ISBN ISBN 1-4169-0005-5
Series The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers
Preceded by Boardwalk Bust
Followed by Rocky Road


Thrill Ride is the fourth book in The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series. It was first published by Aladdin Paperbacks in April 2005.

Plot Summary

American Teens Against Crime (ATAC) sends Frank and Joe Hardy to investigate a woman's suspicious death and other strange occurrences at Uncle Bernie's Fun Park, in Massachusetts. The Hardy Boy Brothers look for the mysterious victim throughout the park while making lists of all the possible victims. Joe and Frank look all around the park for clues to solve this mystery. They ask some poeple question about if they saw the accident and had any ides of who causes this accident. They lists some suspects but they did not realize who the true one is. In the end it is the owner of the parks son. The son of the owner would hang around the hardy boys around the park and act friendly so he wouldn't be a suspect.

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