The Secret of the Old Mill (1969 TV)
Original airdate Oct 11, 1969
Series The Hardy Boys (animated TV series)
Episode 6


"The Secret of the Old Mill" is the 6th episode of The Hardy Boys Cartoon show. It first aired on Oct 11, 1969

Plot Summary

At the Bayport railway station, a stranger asks to change for a twenty. Frank and Chubby each give him a ten before the stranger jumps onto the train leaving for Bridgeport. Joe meets up with Frank and Chubby and guesses that the $20 bill is counterfeit. The three boys, along with Pete Jones quickly leave in their car and try to catch the train in Bridgeport.

At the Bridgeport station there is no sign of the stranger. However, after finding his scarf, the boys asume that he jumped out of the train at the grade near Turner's Mill.

The next day Joe, Frank, Chubby, and Pete explore the area around the Electron Photodata grounds (where Turner's Mill is located). Pete discovers a cave which he states to be "at least 300 years old."

In the cave the detectives discover signs that somebody had been in the cave recently. They decide to go talk to Mr. Calvin, the guard at Electron Photodata.  At the mill they are meet by an un-friendly guard who tells them to leave.




Businesses and organizations


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