The Mystery in the Old Mine
The Mystery in the Old Mine 1993 cover

Cover art of the original Minstrel Books edition, August 1993

House name Franklin W. Dixon
Cover artist Daniel Horne
Publication information
Publisher Minstrel Books
Publication date August 1993
Media type Print (Paperback)(Hardcover)
ISBN ISBN 067179311X
Series Digest
Preceded by The Case of the Cosmic Kidnapping
Followed by Carnival of Crime


The Mystery in the Old Mine was the 121st book in The Hardy Boys series, and the 62nd book published in the Digest series. It was first published in August 1993 by Minstrel Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).


After Garth Trimmer discovers that his apartment has been ransacked and nothing of value stolen, he calls on the Hardys to discover who was responsible. While looking over the mess a letter arrives by courier telling Garth that his sister has been kidnapped and that if he wants to see her again he is to bring "the notebook" to the covered bridge in Ridge City, Pennsylvania by midnight that night.

What notebook was the letter writer referring to and what is going on in Ridge City, an abandoned mining town with underground fires running rampant? It is up to Frank and Joe Hardy to figure out.


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Businesses and organizations



  • The Mystery of the Old Mine was issued in August 1993, the same month that the last Casefiles trilogy book, The Pacific Conspiracy, was issued.


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