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Edward Stratemeyer 002
The Mark of the Blue Tattoo
House name Franklin W. Dixon
Publication information
Publisher Minstrel Books[1]
Producer Mega-Books of New York[1]
Publication date October 1997[1]
Media type Paperback
ISBN ISBN 0671000586
Series The Hardy Boys
Preceded by Terror at High Tide
Followed by Trial and Terror


The Mark of the Blue Tattoo is the 146th book in The Hardy Boys series. It was first published in October 1997 by Minstrel Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Plot summary

Publisher's summary: The Hardys are out to bust a street gang, but the gang is out to bust the Hardys' heads--with baseball bats and bicycle chains. A major new threat is coming to town, and it's up to Frank and Joe to fight for what's right--and save the streets of Bayport.[2]


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Businesses and organizations

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