Over the years The Hardy Boys have made their mark on popular culture. This is a list of the references to The Hardy Boys in television, literature, comic books, and other media.

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Corner Gas

Karen: "The Secret of Skull Mountain?"
Davis: "Bet you didn't take me for a Hardy Boys reader, did ya?"
Karen: "Aren't ya a little old for those?"
Davis: "What? It's a very realistic crime drama about smugglers holed up in a mountain. Shaped like a skull!"
Corner Gas season 3, episode 16, "Physical Credit".

Corner Gas is a Canadian television comedy set in the fictional town of Dog River. Numerous episode in the series make reference to The Hardy Boys, most notably season three's 16th episode, "Physical Credit", in which Karen gives Davis's Hardy Boys books away, and Davis spends most of the episode trying to get them back.

The Goonies

The Goonies is a 1985 American adventure movie. The main character, Mikey mentions a trick that he "saw on the Hardy Boys" when they are escaping from the Fratellis.


"So, the Hardy boys finally found me. It took you long enough."
— Crowley, a demon in Supernatural season 5, episode 10, "Abandon All Hope...".

Supernatural is a American television drama chronicling the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who fight demons and other supernatural beings. In "A Very Supernatural Christmas", episode 13 of the series' third season, a pagan god mockingly refers to the Winchesters as "Hardy boys". This happens again in "Abandon All Hope...", episode ten of Supernatural's fifth season.

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