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The Hardy Boys The New Case Files
Crawling with Zombies
Cover art for the first title, Crawling with Zombies.
Full list
House name None
Ghostwriter(s) Gerry Conway
Illustrator(s) Paulo Henrique
Cover artist(s) Paulo Henrique
Publication information
Publisher(s) Papercutz
Published 2010-2011 (currently on hiatus till at least Fall 2012)
Media type(s) Hardcover

The Hardy Boys The New Case Files or The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers The New Case Files is a forthcoming series of graphic novels from Papercutz. The first title in the series, Crawling with Zombies, is set for a October 12, 2010 release. This series, written by Gerry Conway and drawn by Paulo Henrique, will replace Papercutz's The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel series by Scott Lobdell.

Despite it's name, this series appears to be unrelated to The Hardy Boys Casefiles series and the Casefiles continuity. The events of this series take place in the Undercover Brothers continuity.

It appears that the books in this series will have shorter page count (64 pages compared to 96 pages) then those in the Graphic Novel series, but have larger pages (6" x 9" compared to 5" x 7"). Stories will be told in serial format, rather than the stand alone format of the Graphic Novel series.

Like most Hardy Boys series this series will have a Nancy Drew counterpart. Nancy Drew The New Casefiles will debut in September 2010, with the publication of Vampire Slayer Part One by Papercutz. The first titles of both The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series will reference each other with storylines that are connected.[1]

On August 10, 2011, Skywarp, the owner of, reported that he had received word from Michael Petranek at Papercutz that both the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series were going on hiatus till "until Fall 2012 at the earliest". [2]

List of titles

1. Crawling with Zombies
2. Break-Up


  1. Nancy Drew The New Case Files #1: Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer at

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