The Hardy Boys Mysteries, 1927-1979: A Cultural and Literary History
Cultural and Literary History
House name NA
Publication information
Publisher McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers[1]
Publication date September 2008
Media type Hardcover[2]
Pages 262[3]
ISBN ISBN 978-0-7864-3386-5


The Hardy Boys Mysteries, 1927-1979: A Cultural and Literary History is a reference book, by Mark Connelly, about The Hardy Boys. It was published in September 2008 by McFarland & Company, Incorporated Publishers.[1]

Plot summary

From publisher: "In its 80+ years, the Hardy Boys series has sold more than 50 million books in 25 or more languages, and has inspired five television series and many stage plays, websites, comic books, graphic novels, and computer games. The series has shaped the way millions of American children see themselves and society, and has shaped the perceptions of America held by young people around the world. This book follows the creation and development of the series through 1979. Topics include the writing of Stratemeyer and McFarlane; the so-called "weird period"; the Cold War and the disco age; race, class and gender; family values; and law and order."


Introduction: The Hardy Boys at Eighty
1. Off the Assembly Line: The Fiction Factory of Edward Stratemeyer
2. The McFarlane Formula: "I Opted for Quality"
3. The Weird Period
4. The Hardy Boys in Peace and Cold War
5. Policing the Hardy Boys: The "Great Purge"
6. Into the Disco Age
7. Race
8. Class
9. Hardy Girls: Gender in the Hardy Boys
10. Hardy Family Values
11. Law and Order
12. Action, Not Violence
13. Bayport, USA
14. The Hardy Boys on Stage, on Screen, and in Parody
15. Book Wars: The Series Book Under Fire
The Hardy Boys Canon
Twenty Opening Lines
Chapter Notes


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