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The Hardy Boys: The Perfect Crime
Perfectcrime cover
Publisher(s) The Adventure Company (DreamCatcher Inc.)
Rating(s) PC[1]
Platform(s) PC-CD[1]
Series The Hardy Boys
Preceded by The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft
Offical trailer for The Hardy Boys: The Perfect Crime

The Hardy Boys: The Perfect Crime is the second installment in the Hardy Boys video game series by JoWooD and DreamCatcher Inc.. has the release date listed as June 16, 2009,[1]

Publisher's summary

A series of malicious crimes grips the Hardy Boys' hometown of Bayport and it's up to Frank and Joe Hardy to assist the police in their attempt to capture the culprits. From the first crime scene, however, it becomes apparent that there's an even deeper plot to these sinister activities. Search and explore more than 30 unique locations across 50 different levels as you attempt to unravel the mysterious case and uncover the mastermind behind the recent crimes.


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  • Theater coffee house
  • Cylopean eye

Businesses and organizations

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  • The Perfect Crime does not appear to be set in the Undercover Brothers Continuity and it does not appear as if this game is meant to be a "sequel" to The Hidden Theft due to Frank and Joe not appearing as the Frank and Joe from The Hidden Theft. The Frank and Joe that appear in this game appear to be modeled after Tim Considine and Tommy Kirk who portrayed the Hardy Boys on TV in the Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Club serials The Mystery of The Applegate Treasure (Sept. 1956-Feb. 1957) and The Mystery of Ghost Farm (Sept. 1957-Dec. 1957).


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