Classic children’s mystery series returns

The Happy Hollisters are back! In the 1960s, The Happy Hollisters was the best-selling series in the U.S. for children in the 7-11 age group, with lifetime sales of over 11,000,000 copies. Over one million children joined The Happy Hollisters Book Club in the 1950s and 1960s. They joined for the excitement and mystery of the 33-volume adventure series, but many of them remained loyal fans through adulthood and became avid collectors, wistfully remembering the books’ wholesome quality and squeaky-clean fun. These long-time fans have been clamoring for a return of the series for more than 30 years; now that time has come for them to share the series with their children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces. The Svenson Group, Inc., on behalf of the Hollister Family Properties Trust, is pleased to announce that the first volume in the series, The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West, has been reissued in paperback and is now available at and at

Andrew “Andy” Svenson, III, President of The Svenson Group, Inc. is the grandson of Jerry West (a pseudonym for Andrew Svenson, a prolific children’s book author who wrote more than 70 books for children). Andrew Svenson was a partner in the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a book packager best-known for the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Bobbsey Twins series. The Stratemeyer Syndicate ordinarily assigned pseudonyms to their series books so that more than one author could contribute volumes. Andrew Svenson, however, was the sole creator and author of The Happy Hollisters, which was originally published by Doubleday & Company. The five Hollister children – Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly and Sue – were modeled on Svenson’s own family and their adventures growing up in New Jersey.

Andrew Svenson researched and traveled extensively, giving The Happy Hollisters books an educational aspect that was appreciated by parents and teachers. Children loved the mystery and drama of the exciting cases that were solved by the children themselves. Svenson frequently said, “The trick in writing children’s books is to set up danger, mystery and excitement on page one. Force the kid to turn the page. . . Then in the middle of each chapter there’s a dramatic point of excitement, and at chapter’s end, a cliffhanger.” It’s a formula that has not gone out of style, and getting kids to read is more important now than ever.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Andrew Svenson’s birth, The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West is now available again, for the first time ever in paperback and eBook editions. The text is identical to the original, with over 70 black and white illustrations by Helen S. Hamilton. The book is available for sale at and through the book’s website at


The Books

The Happy Hollisters series was started in 1953 by the Stratemeyer Syndicate and author/partner Andrew E. Svenson, using the pseudonym Jerry West. It was customary practice for the Stratemeyer Syndicate to assign pen names to series books, so that more than one author could contribute to the series; for example, Franklin W. Dixon and The Hardy Boys or Carolyn Keene and the Nancy Drew series were written by multiple authors. Unlike those books, however, Jerry West was not a shared pen name. The Happy Hollisters books were all written by Andrew Svenson.

The Hollister family – Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sue – were modeled on Svenson’s own children and their family life in Bloomfield, NJ. Mr. Hollister owns The Trading Post, a hardware store and toy shop in fictional Shoreham, and is often assisted at the store by his tight-knit family. The family has fun and adventures together, but when the mysteries arise, the independent Hollister children become amateur sleuths and are allowed to investigate and solve the mysteries on their own.

The Happy Hollisters was designed to appeal to young readers, particularly those between the ages of 4 and 12 – the ages of the Hollister family children. Children love The Happy Hollisters for the excitement and intrigue, but parents and teachers also love them for their carefully detailed educational themes. Andrew Svenson’s goal in writing the series was to encourage a love of reading in children; each book was planned so that the first page would draw the reader in with a dangerous or mysterious situation, and each chapter would end with a cliffhanger or exciting twist that encouraged the child to turn the page and keep reading.

Doubleday & Co. published the first four titles in the series in 1953, and four titles were usually added to the series each year. When the series was completed in 1969, there were 33 volumes, published in the U.S. and nine additional countries. Over the course of their publishing history, over 11 million copies of The Happy Hollisters series books were sold.

After the death of Andrew Svenson in 1975, the Stratemeyer Syndicate assigned all rights to The Happy Hollisters to his widow, Marian Svenson; they subsequently became the property of The Hollister Family Properties Trust.

The current publication/reissue was initiated in 2010 by Andrew E. Svenson III, grandson of the author, on behalf of The Hollister Family Properties Trust.

The Happy Hollisters series included the following titles: 1. THE HAPPY HOLLISTERS (available as paperback and eBook)

2. THE HAPPY HOLLISTERS ON A RIVER TRIP (available as paperback and eBook)

3. THE HAPPY HOLLISTERS AT 'SEA' 'GULL' 'BEACH' (available as paperback and eBook))































* Books in the series are numbered as shown here.

Many of the Happy Hollisters titles were published in different languages including French, German, Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Portuguese!

=The Author = The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West was actually written by Andrew E. Svenson, a prolific yet somewhat anonymous, writer of books for children. Jerry West was the pen name assigned to Svenson when he started writing The Happy Hollisters for the Stratemeyer Syndicate. The Stratemeyer Syndicate was a book packager, well-known for its development of children’s book series including Tom Swift, The Bobbsey Twins, The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew. Many of these series were intended to have long publishing lives, and were written by multiple authors using the same pseudonym. The Happy Hollisters, however, were all written by Andrew Svenson, whose identity as Jerry West was kept secret until several years after his death in 1975.

Andrew Svenson was born in Belleville, NJ, in 1910, and his interest in writing started early. He was editor of his high school newspaper and yearbook at Barringer High School in Newark, and then went on to study Creative Writing at the University of Pittsburgh. After his graduation in 1932, he worked as a reporter and editor for the Newark Star Eagle and the Newark Evening News. He also taught creative writing courses at Rutgers University and Upsala College.

Andrew Svenson was encouraged by his friend Howard Garis (author of Uncle Wiggily) to try his hand at juvenile fiction. He joined the Stratemeyer Syndicate as a writer in 1948, where he contributed to established series as Franklin W. Dixon (The Hardy Boys) and as Laura Lee Hope (The Bobbsey Twins). The first volume in his own original series, The Happy Hollisters, was published in 1953 by Doubleday & Company, and he was made a partner in the Stratemeyer Syndicate in 1961. As he wrote and developed 33 titles in The Happy Hollisters, he was also creating additional series for children under other pen names: Bret King by Dan Scott and The Tollivers by Alan Stone, one of the first series written about and for African-American children.

Under various pseudonyms, Andrew Svenson wrote more than 70 adventure and mystery novels for children, which were published in 17 languages and sold millions of copies. The Hollister family was modeled on his own family and he often used actual Svenson family events and travels as the foundation for The Happy Hollisters books. He also kept copious newspaper clippings for story ideas, and interviewed hundreds of school children and teachers for additional suggestions. These ideas were then worked into his storylines, adding an educational element that was appreciated by parents and educators alike. The children loved the stories for their elements of danger and excitement geared to their comprehension level.

After his death in 1975, the Stratemeyer Syndicate assigned all rights to The Happy Hollisters to his widow, Marian Svenson; they subsequently became the property of The Hollister Family Properties Trust. The current publication/reissue was initiated by Andrew E. Svenson III, grandson of the author, on behalf of The Hollister Family Properties Trust.

Comments from Readers

“I read the series as a child many years ago and loved the mysteries. I recently found three at a yard sale, purchased them and began to read them to my 6 year old son. He loves them.”

-- 'Patrick', 'California'

“I read all the HH books as a child and LOVED them! Now, my girls read them and enjoy them just as much.”

-- 'Lynn', 'Minnesota'

“I learned to read with The Happy Hollisters while staying with my great-grandparents. I'm now expecting my first child and would love to give him a complete set.”

-- 'Brad', 'Indiana'

“The Happy Hollisters were my childhood friends. I spent many hours lost in their adventures. I'd love to share them with my grandchildren. Unfortunately, my books were loaned out and never returned.”

-- 'Judy', 'Pennsylvania'

“When my siblings and I were younger, between 10 and 13, our father unboxed his Happy Hollister collection. Perhaps he just wanted us out of his hair, or wanted to pass on something that he enjoyed as a kid, but immediately, I was hooked. I could not wait to finish one to get on to the next. Somewhere, years later, I found out that he got rid of his collection, to our dismay. I am slowly trying to get each one of the set.”

-- 'Jolene', 'New York

“My mother bought the whole series for me and my 3 siblings in about 1967 or there about. She started out reading them to us...and by the end we were reading them to her. One of my best childhood memories.”

-- 'Lynn', 'Colorado

“I was fortunate enough to be a member of the Happy Hollisters Book Club for a time in the early 1970s and I dearly loved these books. Thanks for the wonderful trip down memory lane. Now I want to read the books all over again.”

-- 'Chris', 'Iowa

“My mother's brother read The Happy Hollisters when he was a boy and he past them on to my mother. Then she past them on to me. I am 7 and I have only read the second one and I liked it.”

-- 'Carolyn', 'Indiana

“I used to dig the Hollisters as a kid and yep, all grown up I still dig ‘em today. Yeah, in many ways the Hollister were square but at the same time they were a happening bunch with good attitudes and a keen sense for fun and adventure. That definitely made up for and squareness. Now dig this, In one of the books all the Hollisters toys and stuff gets ripped off when they move to their new pad and they find that this real wigged out cat with a funny red hat named Bo Stenkel is like ransacking their pad and snooping around and stuff like that. Funny thing is a good friend and business partner of mine is named "Bo Stenkel" but he scribes his name "Beau Stenkle". One day as a goof I showed him that Hollister book and asked him why he heisted the Hollisters toys. Of course he flipped out over it in a good sort of way. he read the book during his lunch break and now he wants to find them so his kids could read them. The reason I dug the Hollisters so much.”

-- 'Rick', 'New York'

“ . . . a bout of nostalgia reminded me, in a recent conversation, of the hours of enjoyment the Happy Hollister books gave me as a child. Over the years, in discussions with friends about books which have influenced our lives, I have often amused others by rating this series higher than everything else I read - even Tolkien and Tolstoy are forced lower down the scale! I exhausted the stock of books in our local library, which I'm sure ran to far fewer than the 33 books I now learn are in the series. They not only encouraged me to read, but introduced me to a wholly different world and culture. As others have commented, these books also introduced me to travel and other countries. I can still vividly remember their trip to Copenhagen and the "Little Mermaid". I have yet to visit America, but suspect that the image I have long held of your country would not now be recognisable.”

-- 'Mark', 'England

“Simply: There is not room here--or perhaps I lack the capacity--to express the hours of pleasure and escape those books provided me growing up. I had always hoped to find Pam someday and marry her ...alas, I did not (but I do have three cats :)”

-- 'Joseph', 'California'

“Hi, I AM ONLY 12!!! I first picked up a Happy Hollister book at my grandmas house and I loved them ever since! I asked my g-ma if I could borrow them, and I read them all. I check them out at the local library!”

-- 'Kate', 'Oklahoma'

“I grew up reading The Happy Hollisters along with my brother and sisters . . . I teach third grade and read at least two Happy Hollister books to my students per year. The books are just full of fun and adventure as well as teaching values such as kindness, honesty, and family togetherness . . .”

-- 'John', 'Pennsylvania'

“When I was 7, I got something in the mail to join a Happy Hollister book club where I would get a new book (I think) every other month for $2.00. I joined without my mom and dad knowing. It was my job to get the mail and so when I would get a book, I would hide it in the bushes beside the porch and later retrieve it. I had a collection of 10 books before they knew it. I wasn't paying for them but they kept sending them. Eventually, my mom found the books. She and my dad then realized why they were getting a billing statement from a book publisher. This is when they realized that I liked to read and they bought me my own set of World Book encyclopedia. Only today do I realize the investment that they made in me. The Happy Hollister books helped stir my creative mind and the locations and scenes that I created for each chapter have always been idyllic places to live. As I travel today, in some of the back roads and small towns I expect to see Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, or Sue.”

-- 'Billy', 'Tennessee

“Reading the Happy Hollisters books are one of my favorite memories growing up. We moved from air base to air base and the one thing that would make me feel at home in our new place would be putting my HH books on the bookshelf in my room and that brought a comforting feeling and sense of "home" to me.”

-- 'Julie', 'Arizona'

“I have read the reviews of this book, and just wanted to add mine to your list. The one thing that all of these reviews have in common is that they are all positive...a fitting tribute to these books.

My fourth grade teacher (Miss Roediger) read these books to of my classmates was a subscriber to the series, and would bring them to class. To Beatrice and Miss Roediger, thank you!

At my insistence, my parents bought me these books in the early-to-mid 60's...a tough time in my life due to my father's absence (courtesy of Uncle Sam and Vietnam). We lived in Glasgow Air Force Base, Montana, and later in Gainesville, Texas.

Each time a book would arrive, I would tear the box open and have the book read within a few hours. We moved around a lot back then...but the constants in my life were my family and my extended family...Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, Sue, Zip, White Nose, Dave Mead, Ann Hunter, and even Joey Brill and Will Wilson. Shoreham was a great place to escape to, and I did...many times. The times were simpler, and the reading more enjoyable.

I am nearly 44 now. I have been a police officer for 21 years, and I teach at a local community college...and yet I continue to read and re-read, re-living my childhood...long gone, but never forgotten! I can recall each mystery and the outcome.

There are still books around....I have the entire series...check used book stores and garage sales...and pass this rich heritage on to your children. This series is, without a doubt, unparalleled in children's reading.”

-- 'Jonathan', 'Texas'

“I can't say enough about the series of books of the "Happy Hollister's.” I also grew up reading these books in the 70's and wishing my mother hadn't given the books away. The characters are uplifting and wholesome. I now have children who would benefit from reading these great wholesome story books. (Myself, too! again.) I have looked everywhere for the series of books and haven't found a one. So I am looking for any and all books I can find. If you're reading just one book for the first time, you will want to read all of them. They are better than any other childhood books that have ever been on the market then and even now. A worthwhile investment. Happy searching and Happy reading.”

-- 'Kathleen', 'Maryland'

“I wish I could find my former school librarian in Dorval, Quebec, Canada (early 1970's) and let her know the tremendous impact her dedication to her job had on my life. I was in 3rd grade, it was during library period, and I was wandering around looking for a book to check out. She, sensing my interest in books, directed me to a shelf containing the library's collection of Happy Hollisters. I wasn't too interested at first, but with her encouragement I agreed to try one. Many years later, at 42 years of age, not only do I still enjoy reading them, but I have read them to both my girls (12 & 17), and I have been fortunate enough to collect 2 complete series over the years. When my daughters leave home, they will both have a set to read to their children.

I also discovered, when dating my wife, that she too had read and enjoyed the series. We were both amazed that there was somebody else out there who had heard of and loved the HH.

If you've read the books, you don't need me to tell you how wonderful they are. If you haven't read them yet, the comments on this page will let you know why you should. I can only agree and endorse what has been said here.

I have read many books in my life, and my reading level is much more sophisticated today. But every now and then, I grab a Happy Hollisters book from the shelf, and I'm a little kid once more in the sanctuary of the school library, returning to a simpler day, when there was still much magic and wonder to be found in the world.

I think my librarian would be pleased.”

-- 'Mark', 'Colorado

“I was never fortunate enough to actually meet Andrew Svenson in real life. As a child, I viewed him as "the best writer in the world", because he was one of the first authors that actually made books come alive for me. Whenever I read one of the Happy Hollisters books, I felt as if I had entered into the world of the Hollisters. I felt like I knew their friends, shared their lives and felt like I had been to all of the places they travelled. It was the first time that any book/s had made me feel that way, and it opened up an entire world to me. I owe an awful lot to Mr. Svenson, for he is the person who gave me a love of reading, showed me what family could mean and also, the person that made me stick with my writing despite the obstacles I often faced to establish myself as a writer. Until I was much older, I did not know that Jerry West was actually Andrew Svenson, but the feelings remain the same. He is still my favorite author, and to this day...every time I read one of his books, they come alive for me.”

-- ''Rachel'', 'Pennsylvania''

“I love the Happy Hollisters. They are life as it should be. In order to get my daughter more interested in reading my Dad (who lives in Maine) and I have been searching for HH books. I have been reading them to my 9 year old and she has been reading them herself. She is starting to see "mysteries" everywhere now. I remember going to this little one room library as a child, where there was very rarely anyone but mom and my sisters and I and reading them. Forget the Hardy Boys, no Nancy Drew... never big on the Bobbsey twins... but I read every single HH book at least once. Now I am re-discovering them as my daughter and I read them together on the couch at night. When I read through some of the books that were available for her age group and pushed by the Scholastic Book Club (Captain Underwear?) I realized how much the HH not only provided a good story, but a great sense of values as well...ever notice how nice Pam and Pete are to each other?

-- 'Jean', 'Maine

“I loved to read the HH books when I was a kid and got them from my local library. Now that my daughter is 7 and reads so well, I am hoping to get my hands on as many as possible.”

-- 'Karen', 'Australia

“My dad paid for my "Happy Hollisters" book club at the start of my second grade. I have almost all of the books (except the Midnight Troll)with their dust jackets. These books were a wonderful, adventurous comfort. My daughter went on to read them all as well.”

-- 'Nancy', 'California

“I remember the books fondly -- my sister's name is Pam and mine is Rick, so it was cool to have our names in the stories.”

-- 'Rick', 'Ohio

“Having two little girls myself now, I've been thinking about books from my own childhood. I suddenly remembered "The Happy Hollisters" with a smile and as a lark typed it on Google. As I can see, I'm not the only one who loved these books. I devoured every book in the series from about age 8 to 10. I couldn't get enough! It's great that these pages exist for all of us that remember special books to see that there are others who still remember as well. I will definitely encourage my girls to read these books when they're old enough.”

-- 'Debra', 'New Jersey'

“I'm 50 years old and when I was about 9 years old my mother signed me up for the Happy Hollisters book club. I had to pay the $1.25 or $1.50 per month for the book out of my allowance. This was a pretty big deal as I think I got 75 cents a week for polishing the furniture and such. I loved them then and now I have an 11 year old son who thinks that they're really "keen"! The books are such a cool microcosm of life back then. When my older daughter read them, 10 years ago , she would say the things the kids did were unrealistic and I would tell her, "Not back then!" I remember the world the Hollisters still inhabit.”

-- 'Sharon', 'Louisiana'

“My third grade teacher, Mrs. Perrault read the Happy Hollisters series to us and we loved it so much. Something reminded me of it in recent years, maybe my love of Mysteries. I thought I'd take a chance and Google The Happy Hollisters and lo and behold, there are other people out there who think back on them with warm memories. I'm not crazy after all. I hope to find some copies of the Happy Hollisters and read them to my daughter some day. Thinking of them reminds me of a kind gentler time and I think we all could use a little of that. Thank you for carrying on the memories.”

-- 'Lesley', 'Massachusetts'

“I read these books as a young girl and LOVED them. Much better than Nancy Drew. I'm so glad there others that loved them too!”

-- 'Kathy', 'New Mexico'

“I received my first books as Christmas gifts back in the 50's. Quite a few years ago now, I began searching for other titles. I am up to 29 and, it seems, close to finding all of them. Since my married name "Hossler" is similar to "Hollister" it has crossed my mind that perhaps the similarity of the two subconsciously helped to attract me to my husband since I was so fond of the Happy Hollisters & their happy home life.”

-- 'Colleen', 'Indiana'

“I was the 4th of 4 children and began reading at a very early age. I began reading the Happy Hollister series in the 1st grade (we had most of the books since my siblings were all older than I). I found several of the books in a used bookstore here in Springfield and have since introduced the Hollisters to my 9 year old daughter. She has a reading problem, however she has waded through 2 of the books on her own. It has taken her longer than it took me to read the 1st two, but I'm thrilled that she's so captivated!! I also gave Happy Hollister books to all 3 of my siblings and they were thrilled to see their old friends again!”

-- 'Lisa', 'Illinois'

“These books were my favourite books growing up. I can remember waiting quite impatiently for the mailman to bring me the next edition. My daughter has now discovered these books and is now hooked on them as well.”

-- Corinne, 'Montreal'

“I was a voracious reader as a child, and when I discovered the Happy Hollisters series at the library, I was hooked! I loved mysteries, and also read Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and the Bobbsey Twins, but the Hollisters were my favorite. I can remember many a rainy day during summer vacation (in the early 1970s) when there was nothing else to do, so I'd curl up with a Hollister mystery or two. The dark skies and thunder outside only added to the eeriness of the mystery I was reading!”

-- 'Oriole', 'Michigan'

“I read and reread all the happy Hollister books we had as a kid. I loved them. I think I even reread then until 5th or 6th grade. I wish they would be reprinted for another generation. The family could follow Disney's pattern and only release so many every 5 to 10 years.”

-- 'Bill', 'New York'

“I have cared for my Happy Hollister books for the past 35 years. I knew there had to be other Happy Hollister fans out there. The purchase of these books at the age of 9 began my love for books and my love for reading.”

-- 'Veronica', 'Indiana'

“I discovered the Happy Hollisters when I was about 8 years old in our school library. That was close to 30 years ago and I had not thought of those books until recently when I decided to look for the books for my children. Great memories and the beginning of a love of reading.”

-- 'Todd', 'Louisiana'

“I loved the Happy Hollisters books growing up! I ran across one at a garage sale a few summers ago, but didn't buy it. I am kicking myself for not getting it. I know I will buy them if I ever run across any again! They are a priceless memory from my childhood!”

-- 'Sharon', 'Texas'

“I grew up reading the Happy Hollister books in Antigo, Wisconsin and I bought several of the books for $1.50 each. About 15 years ago, I started collecting the books and this was pre-Internet so I advertised in some antiques newsletters and soon had responses from around the country. A local used book seller helped me complete my collection and I have two copies of most of the books. I still like to sit down and relax with the books and of course, I am Pam,, although I could never get my "fluffy golden hair" to look as good as hers. The HH books got me interested in traveling to some of the same places that the HH's visited.”

-- 'Cyndy', 'South Carolina'

“I loved the Happy Hollisters as a kid and read as many of the books as I could get my hands on. I finally was able to complete my set this past year with a copy of Midnight Trolls. I was thrilled to find this site and others that loved the Hollisters as much as I did. My friends around here had never heard of The Happy Hollisters. What a sad childhood not to have had that experience!”

-- 'Lisa', 'Virginia'

“I like this books, are very nice. I had read them when I was a children, but I like yet. I had ten books at least in spanish language, but today I only have two. Saludos a toda la familia Hollister.”

-- 'Rick', 'Spain'

“My six-year-old daughter is now reading Happy Hollisters. She and my husband of them have a great time scouting out Happy Hollister books at used books stores!”

-- 'Barbara', 'Maryland'

“I . . . grew up with the Hollisters. As a seven year old the books were exciting and you just didn't want to put them down. By chance a year ago while at a flea market I happened along twenty three of the series books in mint condition. I now have great fun rereading these great books with my daughter. In this day and age of technology the simple things like these books still bring a smile to your face and a retreat to our younger years and simpler times.”

-- Rick, 'Toronto'

“I used to sign these out of the Ballston Spa NY library - I knew just where they were on the shelf and would head there and stay there until my mom got me - usually an hours later. When my kids started reading I started thinking about the series again and was sad not to see it on the library shelves here in MD.”

-- 'Melissa', 'Maryland'

“My third grade teacher read one of these to our class in the early 1960s and it opened my mind to the world of reading. Prior to that book, reading was a school chore. I became a club member and got all 33 books. They led to reading Hardy Boys and eventually even to Agatha Christie! They'd be great for a 3rd or 4th grader who is interested in mysteries. They're tame by today's standards but still fun.”

-- 'Robert', 'California

“I loved these books growing up and unfortunately they were left in the shed outside and mildewed. My dad threw them out. I've been giving him grief ever since. He collects antiques and keeps an eye out for the collection, but he has yet to find any. I would love to have this series to share with today's kids. There don't seem to be any wholesome stories like these any more. I would love to see them republished. I would give them to all sorts of children as gifts to treasure forever.”

-- Amazon customer

“The Happy Hollisters seem to have made an impact in so many of our lives. For years, I was the only one I knew who read them. While not as well known as some other series of the period, the Hollisters really seem to have a loyal, lifelong following. It would be great to meet others who share a love and bond with these books from our childhood. How about a Happy Hollister convention?”

-- 'David', 'Illinois'

“I can't believe that they have not gone into reprint of these great kids books. I spent many happy hours reading these books and am now giving them to a neighbor's daughter.”

-- 'Donalyn', 'Rhode Island'

“Would like to buy Happy Hollisters books. Are they still in print? I had a few copies from my childhood and my son really likes them.”

-- 'Donna', 'New Jersey'

“I stumbled upon this site when looking for Hollisters, the teen clothing store that both my daughters, now 15 and 17, love. I was amazed to find that others experienced the joy of the Happy Hollisters book! Both my daughters read my copy from my childhood and did book reports on it when they were in elementary schools. They asked me often if there were any more books by this author, but I must admit that I never researched to find out. I am definitely going to tell them about this site. Now that this book is part of their nostalgia, I am sure that they will look it up!”

-- 'Sandra', 'Georgia'

“I believe it was my grandfather that got us the subscription to H.H. I must have been 8 or 9 when the first one arrived. I LOVED those books!!! Funny that every time someone's talked about their love of Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys, I'd pipe in with a comment about the Hollisters. All I'd get were puzzled stares... I'm just now starting to put a set together. Have no idea whatever happened to the ones my brothers and I read all those years ago.”

-- 'Katie', 'Virginia'

“The Happy Hollisters series remains a reasonably good, if somewhat outdated, read for younger children, perhaps from ages 4 to 9. I suspect that by age 9 most children are entranced by more modern pursuits. Also, many children may consider families of five children to be somewhat unusual and that may take some explaining. These books may be an excellent way to introduce children to the changes that have taken place in our society over the past half century.

One last word of caution. These books are becoming very difficult to find, and thus their price varies substantially. If you are interested in reading this series you may find editions without covers that sell for less than editions with covers.

I hope you enjoy The Happy Hollisters. They are a reminder of a simpler age.”

-- 'Lonnie', 'Indiana'

“I read the Happy Hollister books when I was growing up in Maine. I recently found some while on vacation in Maryland. I teach 6th grade and one of my students loved the one I brought to school. I would like to be able to purchase more of the series for my class library.”

-- 'Rosanna', 'Massachusetts'

“I love these wonderful books. Its a shame they haven’t did a reprint of the entire series because the originals can be very hard to find or very expensive. I have 32 books and I need Mystery of the Midnight Trolls to complete my collection. The prices on E-bay are high for this one! I'm not really a collector so things like mint condition and dust jackets are not really that important, I just love having these books to read and enjoy and pass on to my kids someday. Keep up the great work

-- 'Davey', 'Alabama'

“My family were definitely not big on books when I was young, so it's a mystery how I found a copy of "The Happy Hollisters" at home in 1963.I think it was the only book I read until high school, but it made such an impression on me that from the age of 30 on, whenever I passed a bookshop in Sydney I always tried to find the elusive book. Even when I was in the US with my kids in 1999 I was not able to procure a copy. Through the Net in 2000 I did manage to track down a book seller in Arizona with a near mint copy. It cost me A$75 to get it sent to Australia but my quest is now over. It holds centre stage in my bookshelf.”

-- 'Steve', 'Australia

Reviews are a compilation from the guestbook of (the unofficial fan website) and from reviews

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