T-Mix (Theodore McMahon)
Biographical information
Hometown Chicago, Il
Marital status Single
Citizenship American
Occupation *Record Producer
  • Sound Mixer
  • Songwriter
Physical description
Gender Male
Height 5'3
Weight 125 lbs.
Hair color Dark hair worn in long braids
Alignment Bad
Continuity Undercover Brothers continuity
Appearances Top Ten Ways To Die


T-Mix grew up in a bad place. There, he was very shy and unpopular in school. After that, he studied music and electronics. He went on to the music industry to become famous. It was said that he always develops hatred to stars that he made famous.

Top Ten Ways To Die

T-Mix sent a series of death threats (Top Ten Ways To Die (Death Threats) to Vee Sharp. It was later learned that he developed jealously inside because of Vee's popularity.


Frank Hardy and Joe Hardy caught him on act trying to kill Vee by moving the crane where Vee was hanging. He ran and stole Jason Puck's car. The Hardy Boys used the Sharps's motorcycles and a wild chase happened. The Hardy opened the gate of Sharp's mansion and T-Mix went immediately inside the mansion. Suddenly, the car fell to the swimming pool where the Hardy Boys caught him. He was then arrested and sent to prison.


Top Ten Ways to Die

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