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Edward Stratemeyer 002
Scene of the Crime
House name Franklin W. Dixon
Cover artist Brian Kotzky
Publication information
Publisher Archway Paperbacks
Publication date February 1989
Media type Print (Paperbacks)
Pages 150
ISBN 0-671-64687-?
Series Hardy Boys Casefiles
Preceded by Disaster for Hire
Followed by The Borderline Case
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"Stuntmen always play with danger."
— Tagline, from the front cover

Scene of the Crime is the 24th book in the Hardy Boys Casefiles series.

Plot summary

Danger pays

Frank and Joe go undercover as apprentice stuntmen on a major movie. They've been asked to investigate a number of serious accidents that have delayed filming. Right from the first scene the action gets rough. Frank's stunt misfires, and the next one turns into a flaming disaster.

The Hardys are certain it's deliberate sabotage. But the young detectives find the real drama is off the set when they become involved in a bizarre plot to steal a fortune. Unfortunately, they get themselves arrested! The brothers must break out of jail fast -- or lose their only chance to be cleared of a million-dollar frame-up.


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