Ryan Carraway
Biographical information
Hometown Chowchilla, California
Marital status Single
Citizenship American
Occupation former teenage actor, errand boy.
Affiliation Justin Time
Physical description
Gender Male
Height 5' 11
Weight 150lbs
Hair color blond
Eye color Brown
Alignment good
Continuity Undercover Brothers continuity

Ryan Carraway is the main antagonist of the Double Danger Trilogy. He is an errand boy and a martial arts expert.


Ryan is described as being crazy. He is also violent, trying to kill his own brother.But he was nothing but the victim of unfortunate circumstances. He is a black belt.


Ryan was found in the forest, about to shoot his own brother. After being confronted about his crimes, he was fought, and he (suprisingly) lost. He was then tied up and handed over to the police.

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