The Hardy Boys #189 "One False Step"

One False Step
House name Franklin W. Dixon
Ghostwriter George Edward Stanley
Publication information
Publisher Aladdin Paperbacks
Producer Simon & Schuster
Publication date February 2005
Media type Paperback
ISBN ISBN 0689873646
Series The Hardy Boys
Preceded by Farming Fear
Followed by Motocross Madness


One False Step is the 189th book in The Hardy Boys series. It was first published February 2005 by Aladdin Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Plot summary

Frank, Joe, and their friends head to Philadelphia to catch a performance of Aerocirque, an amazing circus act with a twist -- the acrobats swing and flip from helicopters high in the air! But all is not well in the City of Brotherly Love. The other show in town is a series of robberies, and no one knows how they're being pulled off. Frank and Joe are soon jumping through hoops to find the clues they need to catch the culprits. But will they be too late? It looks like this mystery may come right down to the wire![1]


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Businesses and organizations

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  1. HDA Booklist

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