John Jackley or Red was an ex-con; he got his nickname because he was wearing a red wig when he was arrested before going to prison.[1] He was slim and of medium height.[2] He had once been a railroad man not far from Bayport.[3]

The Tower Mansion robbery

Jackley was on parole when Tower Mansion was robbed and he fitted the description of the culprit. Because of his previous known use of wigs as disguises, he was suspected by Fenton Hardy of being the burglar. Hardy tailed Jackley and when he became involved in a jewel robbery followed him all the way to upper New York State. There, attempting to escape from a railroad detective, Jackley crashed a handcar and sustained fatal injuries.[4] While in hospital in Albany Jackley admitted to the Tower Mansion theft but left only the ambiguous message that he had stashed the loot in "the old tower".He is also a very fast runner and talented climber.[5]


The Hardy Boys

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