Iola Morton
Biographical information
Hometown Bayport
Marital status Single
Citizenship American
Occupation High school student
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Other relatives Chet Morton
Alignment Good
Continuity Original continuity
Appearances The Hardy Boys #1 The Tower Treasure

Iola Morton is a dark haired, pretty girl who attends Bayport High. She is the sister of Chet Morton and Joe Hardy's girlfriend.[1] Iola is described as being as slim as her brother is chubby, but has the same kind of tilted nose and twinkling eyes.[2]

Iola Morton is the daughter of Mr. Morton (Original) & Mrs. Morton (Original), as well as the sister of Chet Morton (Original), and the Great-Grandfather of Ezekiel Morton, who was an honorary chief of the Pashunk tribe of North American Indians, known as Chief Wallapatookunk (Eat-a-Whole-Moose).[3] She is also great friends with classmate Callie Shaw (Original)


She shares her mother's witty, lighthearted nature.[4]

Iola Morton has appeared in live action twice- first on The Mickey Mouse Club, as portrayed by Carole Ann Campbell in both of The Hardy Boys serials: The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure and The Mystery of the Ghost Farm. She also appeared briefly in the 1967 pilot, The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk, as portrayed by Cindy Ferrare.


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