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Iola's death

Moments after Iola is killed in a car bomb.


Iola Morton was Joe's girlfriend in about every series but the Casefiles. In the Casefiles she is killed by a bomb meant for Frank and Joe. Her death seriously affected Joe and he was grave and quiet after her death for a long time.


She is described as Chet 's sister and has dark hair, with a pixie like face. She kept a very detailed diary and liked sending audio tapes to friends instead of writing letters. However, in the Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers series, she is alive and well and was Joe's girlfriend in Ocean of Osyria. She was working at Phil's Phries and Phranks to pay for a trip to Montreal in Murder at the Mall.


Iola Morton (Original)

Iola Morton of the Original continuity.

Iola Morton (Casefiles)

Iola Morton of the Casefiles continuity.


Iola Morton (1955 TV)

Iola Morton of the Mickey Mouse Show TV serials.

Iola Morton (1967 TV)

Iola Morton of the 1967 pilot, "The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk".

Iola Morton (1969 TV)

Iola Morton of the 1969-71 cartoon.

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