Gomez is a slender man with a dark complexion and a thin moustache. Frank and Joe Hardy originally encounter him when he dives off of the North Lines vessel, the Dorado after being shot at. They rescue him from the water but he runs away when they reach land and are confronted by a man claiming to be an immigration officer.[1]

Huellan underground resistance

At first the boys take Gomez at face value - a stowaway escaping from an oppressive regime. But, after thinking he might be a spy working for the Footprints spy ring, they discover he is actually working for an underground resistance movement opposed to the Huellan regime of Juan Posada. He had been sent to rally support in America but instead spent most of his time on the run, hiding from the authorities, the spies and even the Hardys.[2]


The Hardy Boys #12 Footprints Under the Window


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