Fenton Hardy
Biographical information
Occupation Private investigator
Physical description
Gender Male
Appearances The Hardy Boys Casefiles #1 Dead on Target

Fenton Hardy is a former detective on the NYPD and currently a private investigator. He lives in Bayport with his wife Laura, his two sons, Frank and Joe, and his older sister, Gertrude.


Early life

After completing school, he went into the army for a short time, to serve in the Vietnam War. At this time he met long time friend Hugh Hunt.

Work with the New York Police Department

After he left the army, he and Laura got married. Not long after that he started working for the New York Police Department. Only a few weeks into his career, Fenton and partner, Samuel Peterson, caught notorious criminal Nicholas Trask, and within a year, they were promoted[1]. The Hardy/Peterson team went on to become one of the best crime-fighting teams in history.


  1. The Hardy Boys Casefiles #5 Edge of Destruction

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