Dude Ranch O' Death!
Dude Ranch O Death
Publication information
Publisher Papercutz
Publication date March 2008
ISBN ISBN 1-59707-089-0 (hardcover)
Creative team
Writer Scott Lobdell
Artist(s) Paulo Henrique Marcondes
Letterer(s) Mark Lerer
Colorist(s) Laurie E. Smith
Series The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel
Preceded by Abracadeath
Followed by The Deadliest Stunt
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Dude Ranch O' Death! is the 12th book in The Hardy Boys Graphic Novel series. It was published in March 2008 by Papercutz.

Plot summary

After several teens go missing at a ranch that helps troubled youth in Nevada, American Teens Against Crime (ATAC) suspects foul play and instructs the Hardy brothers to investigate.

Joe signs on as a cow hand at the ranch, meanwhile Frank gets into a fight with classmate Brian Conrad and after a court appearance and a few strings pulled by ATAC, Frank is sentenced to a week at Sorrow Ranch.

After a few close calls at the ranch, the Hardys are told, by Dennis Hogan, of an old abandoned sliver mine, overlooking the ranch.

Frank and Joe head to the mine, suspecting that they find the missing teens there. The brothers soon see that their guess is correct, and the missing teens tell them that their plan is to close the ranch down; knowing that if enough teens want missing the program would be forced to shut down.

Some of the teenagers are armed, but before they can harm Frank and Joe the authorities, who the brothers phoned before they left the ranch, arrive.

As the teens are being taken away by the police, one of them gleefully tells Frank and Joe that they had "one last catastrophe planed". The planted explosives at the cattle pen, that they knew would blow up the gate and cause a stampede.

The Hardy brothers race back, horse back, to the ranch with the words of the young criminal, "You're too late!", ringing in their ears. They arrive just in time to see the cattle stampeding madly, toward the cam's tents and the many people sleeping inside.

Frank and Joe urge their horses forward, and manage to cut in front of the stampede, then twisting the heel of their ATAC technologically redesigned cowboy boots, they release the knock-out gas stored inside, stopping the cattle dead in their tracks and saving the sleeping ranch hands.

After a celebration barbecue on the ranch, the Hardy Boys head back to to their hometown, Bayport.




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