Allen Hooper
Biographical information
Hometown Bayport
Marital status Single
Citizenship American
Occupation High school student
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Alignment Good
Continuity Original continuity
Appearances The Hardy Boys #1 The Tower Treasure (1927)

Allen "Biff" Hooper is a native of Bayport and one of Frank and Joe Hardy's best friends. He is a practical boy and has helped the Hardys on many cases. His nickname comes from his fondness for a distant relative who was a boxer named Biff.[1] He has blond hair and a muscular frame and is a keen amateur boxer himself.[2] Biff is said to be an excellent swimmer and has worked as a lifeguard at the Oceanside bathing pavilion.[3]


Biff owns a motorboat named the Envoy.

Media Appearances

Biff Hooper appeared once in live action, as portrayed by Ricky Kelman in the 1967 pilot movie, The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk.


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Biff Hooper (Original)

Biff Hooper of the Original continuity.

Biff Hooper (Casefiles)

Biff Hooper of the Casefiles continuity.

Biff Hooper (Undercover Brothers)

Biff Hooper of the Undercover Brothers continuity.


Biff Hooper (1967 TV)

Biff Hooper of the 1967 pilot, "The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Chinese Junk".

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