Aladdin Paperbacks is Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing's paperback imprint for readers ages four to 12 years old. Aladdin has been the publisher of The Hardy Boys, since 2002.

Hardy Boys publications

The Hardy Boys (2002-2005)

Note: some earlier titles were republished under the Aladdin banner.

171. The Test Case
172. Trouble in Warp Space
173. Speed Times Five
174. Hide and Sneak
175. Trick-or-Trouble
176. In Plane Sight
177. The Case of the Psychic's Vision
178. The Mystery of the Black Rhino
179. Passport to Danger
180. Typhoon Island
181. Double Jeopardy
182. The Secret of the Soldier's Gold
183. Warehouse Rumble
184. The Dangerous Transmission
185. Wreck and Roll
186. Hidden Mountain
187. No Way Out
188. Farming Fear
189. One False Step
190. Motocross Madness

The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers (2005-present)

1. Extreme Danger
2. Running on Fumes
3. Boardwalk Bust
4. Thrill Ride
5. Rocky Road
6. Burned
7. Operation: Survival
8. Top Ten Ways to Die
9. Martial Law
10. Blown Away
11. Hurricane Joe
12. Trouble in Paradise
13. The Mummy's Curse
14. Hazed
15. Death and Diamonds
16. Bayport Buccaneers
17. Murder at the Mall
18. Pushed
19. Foul Play
20. Feeding Frenzy
21. Comic Con Artist
22. Deprivation House
23. House Arrest
24. Murder House
25. Double Trouble
26. Double Down
27. Double Deception
28. Galaxy X
29. X-plosion

The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers Super Mystery (2006-present)

1. Wanted
2. Kidnapped at the Casino
3. Haunted

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mystery (2007-present)

1. Terror on Tour
2. Danger Overseas
3. Club Dread

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