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Edward Stratemeyer 002
A Crime for Christmas
A Crime for Christmas
House name Carolyn Keene
Ghostwriter Peter Lerangis
Cover artist Linda Thomas
Publication information
Publisher Archway Paperbacks
Publication date November 1988
Media type Paperback
ISBN ISBN 0-671-64918-3
Series Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery
Preceded by Double Crossing
Followed by Shock Waves


A Crime for Christmas is the second book in the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery series. It was first published in November 1988 by Archway Paperbacks (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).

Plot summary

From back cover: NANCY DREW is in New York to join THE HARDY BOYS on an important case. They're conducting an intense manhunt for a pair of big-time cat burglars. And they're sure the daring criminal duo will try to scoop up a special prize -- the spectacular crown jewels of Sarconne, which are on display at a museum.

MEANWHILE... Nancy's best friend Bess is enjoying the holiday season with a dream date -- a handsome and mysterious guy called John. To impress Bess, John takes the gang on a torrid tour of Manhattan's fabulous nightlife. Their fling includes everything from horse-drawn carriages in Central Park to drawn guns at the Park Avenue Hotel.

But with political forces set to blow apart a gala U.N. dinner, Nancy, Frank, and Joe are suddenly trapped between hot rocks and a royal disaster.




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